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Computational Algebra Group at SFU

2008 Preprints

Liang Chen and Michael Monagan. Algorithms for Solving Linear Systems over Cyclotomic Fields.
Submitted February 2008 to the Journal of Symbolic Computation. [ PDF ]

Andrew Arnold and Michael Monagan. The Height of the 3,234,846,615th Cyclotomic Polynomial is Big (2,888,582,082,500,892,851).
Poster, presented at ANTS '08, Banff, Alberta, May 17-22, 2008. [ PDF ]

Mahdi Javadi and Michael Monagan. Computing Polynomial Greatest Common Divisors over Algebraic Number and Function Fields.
MITACS report, August 2008. [ PDF ]

Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce. Polynomial Multiplication and Division using a Heap.
MITACS report, September 2008. [ PDF ]

Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce. Sparse Polynomial Division Using a Heap.
Submitted September 2008 to the JSC special issue on Milestones in Computer Algebra. [ PDF ]
Revised preprint July 2010 [ PDF ]

Andrew Arnold and Michael Monagan. Calculating cyclotomic polynomials of very large height.
Submitted October 2008 to Math. Comp. [ PDF ]

Paul Vrbik. Delayed Polynomial Arithmetic and Applications.
MSc. Thesis, Simon Fraser University, December 2008. [ PDF ]

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