Computer Algebra Group at Simon Fraser

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Computational Algebra Group at SFU

2014 Preprints and Theses

Matthew Gibson and Michael Monagan.
Parallelizing and Optimizing Brown's Modular GCD Algorithm.
[ Preprint: PDF ]

Casie Bao and Michael Monagan.
River Flow Computation Using Composite Numerical integration.
[ Poster: PDF ] Symposium on Mathematics and Computation, SFU, August 6th, 2014.

Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce.
The design of Maple's sum-of-products and POLY data structures for representing mathematical objects.
[ Preprint: PDF ] Submitted August 2014 to Communications in Computer Algebra.

John Ogilvie and Greg Fee.
Quantitative calculation of the absorption spectrum of the hydrogen atom.
[ Preprint: PDF ] European Journal of Physics, 35 (2014).

Michael Monagan.
Internet Page Ranking Algorithms
[ Preprint: PDF ] Maple Reporter, Issue 3, March 2014.

Michael Monagan.
The Mortgage Payment Problem: Approximating a Discrete Process with a Differential Equation.
[ Preprint: PDF ] Maple Reporter, Issue 2, February 2014.

Michael Monagan.
The House Warming Model
[ Preprint: PDF ] Maple Reporter, Issue 1, January 2014.

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